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Anonymous asked:
Excellent. I can hardly wait, dear Doctor.

"I second that motion whole-heartedly."


Anonymous asked:
Perfect. I'm free both evenings, dear Doctor.

"Then how about Friday? I want a good kickoff to the weekend. It’s a date, dear anon."


Anonymous asked:
The Kashmir sounds lovely, dear Doctor. Do tell me when you're free. I'll be sure to dress to impress you.

"Splendid! I’ve got…


…this coming Thursday evening free. Ooh, and it would seem like Friday as well. I hope either works out with your schedule, dear.”

raptureslegacy asked:
"Hurts, doesn’t it?"

The words reverberated through the room as if the speaker’s voice had been resonating inside a lecture hall. The faint music that piped through the speaker systems seemed deafening and fuzzy.

Dr. Steinman could only choke and gasp, hardly anything of a reply. The steel-tipped bolt had embedded itself deep into the surgeon’s throat, pinning him to the cork board he’d been so diligently working at before being interrupted a second time by the ever-elusive intruder from the surface. One gloved hand clasped the entry wound and the shaft of the arrow, trying futilely to staunch the blood flow. The other hand reached out, pitifully pawing at the young man’s filthy sweater. Revenge flitted through the doctor’s damaged brain, yet he’d been overcome by instinct and the will to survive, clinging to life as his lifeblood trickled free.

"…Y-You!” was the only word Steinman was able to choke out. Blood had cut two lines down the corners of his mouth, pouring and spurting over his lower lip every time he coughed or his throat spasmed.

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Anonymous asked:
Perhaps I could read that open book over dinner, dear Doctor?

"Sounds like a splendid idea, my dear. Would we like to indulge at, say…the Kashmir? Or would you prefer something a little less high in class? Allow me a moment to check my schedule and see when I’m free."


callowaycomputertechnologies asked:
"Don’t touch me!"

After all the attention he’d given her…
After even consideration her at all…
Normally, he wouldn’t have given a woman like Sonja Calloway a disdainful sneer in passing. He supposed he should’ve refrained from doing so in the first place, had it only amounted to this…rejection and animosity.

Grunting, Steinman released her arm, but not without tossing it roughly to her side.

"What’s the meaning of this?! You’ve given yourself to me before, what makes this time any different?" Arrogantly, Dr. Steinman folded his arms over his chest. "Likewise, I’ve allowed you the very coveted pleasure of having me at my most vulnerable. And in a position I never let anyone see me in. You should be grateful that I’m requesting such from you. I demand to know why you’ve chosen this moment to draw away from me!”




Mixed Media on Panel 2014

the-gunmaker asked:
"I’m scared."

For what seemed like an eternity, the sounds of gunfire and explosives rocked the entirety of the restaurant. Less than a month since the raids on the Kashmir and already those so-called “rebels” were staging another attack? Concealed underneath a sturdy metal table in the kitchen, Dr. Steinman shared the space with a younger man with an Eastern aesthetic and a few other unseen individuals.

Steinman kept his hands clamped to his ears; the recent activity was calling to mind the horrors of Cherbourg, Operation Cobra, and others similar in sheer number of wounded and lost he’d witnessed during the Second World War…


He’d been humming lowly to himself to try and fend off the flood of brutal memories when he saw the younger man’s mouth move.

"What? …You’re scared? You’re scared?!” A new bitterness surged through him at the other’s comment. Thinking even less than he usually did before opening his mouth, the surgeon berated the man, fueled by a deadly cocktail of terror and frustration churning inside him. “Well what about me?! I’m a very important man, you know! I didn’t do anything to deserve this! What do they want with me?” Giving the man beside him a sneer, he cast final judgement on him before covering his ears once more, trying to cease his tremouring.

"Besides…you don’t know what real fear is.”