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"To Spite the Face" by Anaal Nathrakh.

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// the stein lol

((That’s my name don’t wear it out. You’ll be screaming it later.))


((Hit me up anytime if you do!))

;Out of My Mind

((I’ve just recently realised I’ve only done two maybe three threads in my whole tumblr RP career in which someone actually GOES to Steinman in need or want of work. I mean, he cray in the game and probably a bit before that but you gotta admit…the Stein does good work.

Anyone down for a consult/surgery thread? We don’t have to do gore but it IS his bread and butter.))

Errol Flynn smoking a cigarette (1936)

Random Mun Facts

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1. What’s your name? Vincent
2. When is your birthday? January 28, 1895
3. Where are you from? Detroit, MI
4. Have a crush? Do Mary Pickford and Wilfred Owen count?

5. What’s your favorite color? Purple
6. Write something in caps? UGGGLLLYYY!!!
7. Got a favorite band/artist? Right now it’s between Bathory, Blut aus Nord, Wold, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk.

8. Favorite number? 23
9. Favorite drink?  Nonalcoholic: Strawberry basil lemonade or lemon-ginger echinacea juice. Alcoholic: Ginger brandy

10. Tag Ten People: bitterestobedience, callowaycomputertechnologies, dreamsofdrowning, intellectandwill, jamesridleyesq, lutecea, niceworkgirlie, oursweatandbloodrapturerecordssilas, sanctamater.

Anonymous asked:
Is your coat naturally red, or did you just get your white coat *dirty*

"Ah, I’m glad you asked that!


In order to distinguish myself from the…common medical professionals here…I’ve taken the liberty of commissioning custom surgical coats. Red is the colour of passion, blood, masculine energy, and was one used by earlier doctors to stimulate the mind and increase circulation. It also promotes comfort, making patients more at ease around me. Reconstructive surgery and surgery in general can be a looming and intimidating thing to experience and I want my clients to feel as comfortable as possible during consultations and operations. Not only that, it makes it less of a hassle to deal with blood and human viscera. All too often do people just assume I don’t observe basic hygiene or sterilisation procedures so thank you for bringing it up.”


except me. I’m the mane king, and I ain’t lion.

not to hurt your felines, but I think we need to put a paws button on your puns. 

((Hush! You’ll hurt her sense of PRIDE.))