Mark Shaw

For Vanity Fair



Doctor Kildare - Appendicitis Operation At Sea 

original airdate : Aug 17, 1950 

Dr. Kildare files from Old Time Radio Research Group

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 U.S. 

"A bit out of my jurisdiction but I bet I could perform one. In fact, I know I could.”

The underwater utopia & the city in the sky



((Oh my gods, I’m so doing this. Check back with me on the status in December.))

woah woah doing this? u mean in like a animation? srs?

((Fffttt, sure! I’ll most likely have some down time this semester, or even this summer, so…December at the very latest))


A bunch of medical, dental and surgical tools. Here until 6 today, closed tomorrow! (at Pandora’s Box)


cubism-as-medicine replied to your post
((I think I got some surgery for that, buddy.))

if that’s the case, let uhhhh my rich distant brother take the bill? look for the name ‘zachary h.c’

((Just so happens I’m running a ‘two-for-one’ special. Does he have anything that needs to be patched up? Any facial features he’d like reconstructed?))


- Hotel? What’d we be doing in a hotel?


"Man named Steinman taught me this. He’s a bit of a lunatic, but a fine surgeon. He calls this little trick a transorbital lobotomy.”



"Oh, anywhere will do, as I’ve made quite clear before." 

"Anywhere will do, eh?" Steinman backed up against the large bust of Ryan himself. "…Good enough for you?"



"What’s the matter? You’re not afraid are you?”

"…I should say not! Where would you like me, old friend?"